Mt Seymour 5959m Challenge for Canada Scores Vancouver

On Oct 3rd, Jim Richards, a super supporter of Canada SCORES, spent a day raising awareness and funds (close to $6,000!!!) for our organization by pushing his own personal limits by riding Mt. Seymour 7 times (6,291 meters) to exceed the elevation of Canada's tallest mountain, Mt. Logan – 5,959 meters. As a weekend rider, this was way beyond anything he had ever done in the past and tested his capacity, but it also put him in a position to ask his close friends, fellow riders and family to pledge him per meter so that a few more kids could enter the program and surpass whatever limits were put on them through circumstances beyond their control. It was a very long, very repetitive, grueling day, but he believed that the determination and resiliency shown are positive examples for the benefiting youths.


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Thank you Mr. Laurie Ricou

Thank you Mr. Laurie Ricou, the author of "Foot Notes: Telling Stories of Girls' Soccer" for inviting us to your book launch and donating your book's royalties to Canada SCORES Vancouver.


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