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Our Impact

Social and Emotional Development

Our participants experience improved self-esteem, empathy, conflict resolution and teamwork

Academic Engagement & Achievement

Children that take part in our program demonstrate improvements in language proficiency attitudes towards and engagement in school

Physical Health &

Canada SCORES participants develop better physical fitness, have improved attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle and demonstrate more healthy habits


As a result of our unique program, our poet-athletes demonstrate an increased sense of connection with their community.

Our Impact: Service

What People Say

Our Impact: Testimonial

"From day one I have seen my child grow and develop. In my opinion I see a strong overall improvement in his self-esteem and in his interactions with other children.


The small group settings and encouraging environment does miracles for the children."

Jennifer - A Proud Parent

“I have seen a number of students develop new friendships within the program, both within their own
school and with students from other schools.
There is a genuine sense of inclusiveness that develops from the beginning to the end of the program that makes every student feel like they are part of a team.”

A Canada SCORES Coach

“Our students look forward to Canada Scores and are excited to participate in the program.

The staff are friendly and go out of their way to make children feel included! It has been a wonderful program for students at our school.”

A Partner School

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