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Our Ambassadors 

Erin McLeod 

McLeod has been a fixture on the Canadian National team since 2002. Two time W League Champion during her time with the Vancouver Whitecaps, her incredible professional career at Washington Freedom, Chicago Red Stars and since 2014 the Houston Dash are testament to her incredible strength as a player and team mate.  Off the pitch Erin is active with many organizations including Right to Play and Grass2Gold as well as being a talented artist in her own right. "Canada SCORES Vancouver gives children from vulnerable backgrounds the opportunity to express themselves through art and sport; this is an organization that can really make a difference.”

One of the premiere football players in Canada and an integral member of the Canadian Women's soccer Team. Currently the captain of Jitex in BK Sweden, and former player of Vancouver Whitecaps and Seattle Reign.  “This is an organization I can really get excited about, combining soccer and poetry in a unique blend that produces amazing results time and time again.”

Emily Zurrer

Lee Tregonning

Brittany Timko

Lee was born in Aberdare, Wales and from an early age he both played and coached with the professional soccer club Cardiff City. Lee went on to play professionally with Cardiff City FC and Luton Town FC for several years, earning 22 international caps (a national accreditation) for his country. 

Brittany has played in three World Cups and two Olympics. Native of Coquitlam, British Columbia, Brittany has started her professional career at the young age of 16. Brittany has played on the Vancouver Whitecaps, clubs in Australia and Sweden and the Seattle Sounders Women.  “This is a program that really works and is committed to benefitting the kids in our community that need the most help.”

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