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  • I will play by the rules of soccer, and in the spirit of the game.

  • I will show respect at all times for all coaches, all referees, all players, all event attendees, and all members of Canada SCORES Vancouver.

  • I will control my temper. I will not fight or use foul or abusive language or inappropriate gestures.

  • I will be a team player.

  • I know that winning isn't everything - having fun, playing fair, improving my skills, making friends and doing my best are all important.

  • I will acknowledge all good play - that of my team-mates and of my opponents.

  • I understand that Referees are there to control the game and not to improve my behaviour. If I am found to be behaving badly, the referee is permitted to remove me from the event. Furthermore, the responsibility of my behaviour outside of team-sanctioned events is not that of the team but is the responsibility myself.

  • I will not take part in any form of bullying, either to an opposing player, to a player on my team, or any other attendee at Canada SCORES Cup event. Bullying in any form, whether in person, electronically (any form of social media) will not be tolerated.

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